Sunday, December 7, 2008

Taking care of the poor, and Meat sacrificed to idols

I had a thought today as I went through a talk from the last general conference.  Elder Christofferson gave a talk about Zion, and the need to look after the poor.  He said, "In much of the world, we are entering upon unsettled economic times. Let us look after one another the very best we can." 
So I got to thinking about what it means to "look after one another," and about Paul, who taught that we should be content to have just food and raiment (1 Tim 6:5-8).  Today's SS lesson also had the words of Moroni, warning those of the last days who love money more than the sick and afflicted (Mormon 8).  So obviously we're not supposed to do that...  We need to only seek riches to build up the kingdom as we learn in Jacob...  But that left me with another idea from Paul:  He teaches in 1 Cor 8 that we should avoid doing things, even if they aren't wrong, simply because another may be led to sin by our so doing.  In this case, it had to do with eating meat sacrificed to a false idol. And Paul says, "Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend" (vs 13).  Even though an idol is "nothing," we shouldn't eat les others who don't know that be enticed to eat and sin.
So back to pride, and taking care of the poor.  Would this teaching lead us to this:  that even if we are desiring riches for the right reason, are we in danger of sinning in the use of our money if the things we purchase (even if our motives are good) with it leads others to envy our position and wealth... if it causes them to, say, go into excessive debt to try to "keep up" with what I have?  Does some of their sin (envy) go on my head?
What do you think?  Must we spend only the essential amount of money necessary for food/raiment, and save or give away the rest?  Why or why not?

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